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My approach to whole body health works

consistently and over time for everyone

because it's based on four principles


Loving Acceptance:  

Loving acceptance means to accept yourself fully and completely as you are right now.  You are not broken.


A profound relationship to your self unfolds 

when you meet yourself where you are. 


When you do, your inherent wisdom reveals itself.

 Loving acceptance leads to self understanding, self care 

and yes, even self love, which are the main ingredients

on your path to overall health and healing.

Inner Wisdom:


Self knowledge is the next big stepping stone towards ease and freedom. Your body has many systems that interact with each other, creating both structure and flow. 


When you first bring fresh attention and focused movement to your whole body, a doorway opens to your inherent gifts and  particular strengths as well as your challenges. 


This knowledge is needed for health, healing and growth. 


Otherwise when you focus  on the problem as something

that needs to be fixed, you disconnect from flow and that understanding and wisdom. 


This creates more stress causing you to feel stuck in your challenge.

Mindfull Actions:

Your body already holds an optimal blueprint

for vital health.  


It requires not only self knowledge but a path that incorporates intelligent nourishing actions and ongoing practices that bring a sense of balance, vitality and ease from head to toe, inside to the outside. 


Remember to Remember:


Any action done with love and presence reconnects you to the divinity that is expressed as you.


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