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Shree: Beauty Diversity Abundance & Grace


Abundance, Diversity, Beauty, Grace

I love summer. My favorite month is June. June is already showing off Nature’s beauty and bounty. It’s a perfect time to experience “Shree”

As I sit at my desk, I see a cloudless blue sky, the lush green of the tree tops, my patio garden with potted dragon begonias stretching up and the memory of honeysuckle from my morning walk.

Nature gives a us a sense of the wild, mayhem, freedom in its disorder ` and peace. Trees, bushes, grasses, weeds, wild flowers create a diverse canvas, of life in harmony.

Nature in it’s own habitat is the opposite of manicured lawns and charming landscaping of New Jersey houses.

What does SHREE have to do with yoga? Or more specifically a yoga pose?

Well, there is actually a deep order in nature’s seeming chaos. Just as there is a deep order in our body. So when we build a pose from the ground up seeking balance and alignment we create beauty and calm. It might not feel that way at first because we need repetition to tap into the quiet.

And isn’t that how we feel when sit and watch the sun setting. Or when we are on the beach mesmerized by the movement and sound of ocean’s waves.

Yoga is a chance build a muscle who’s strength comes from an inner harmony, an inner alignment. An experience of peace rather than tension that sits in the background of our daily routines and challenges.

Yoga is a practice that once committed to, allows us to see Shree. Feel Shree. And Appreciate Shree. And know that the awe and peace that we feel in nature is the same awe and peace we have within ourselves. We are made of the same stuff.


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